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Journey Manager release 20.05 libraries update


As we constantly improve and optimize Journey Manager, we also review and update libraries our software uses to ensure the libraries don't compromise its performance or vulnerability.

This Journey Manager version 20.05 release comes with the following updated and new libraries that provide exciting features and benefits for the product and developers using it:

Library Name Library Version
commons collection 3.2.2
commons collection4 4.4
jackson  2.10.1
commons-net 3.6
cxf  3.3.5
fop 2.4
httpcomponents  4.5.11
shiro  1.5.2
aws  1.11.754
groovy 2.5.9
hessian  4.0.63
jboss resteasy 3.11.0.Final
junit 4.13
mvel 2.4.7
mysql 8.0.19
spring framework  5.2.4

For more information, see Journey Manager 3rd Party Libraries.


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