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Maestro 18.11 introduces new features & bug fixes


The main themes of the Transact Maestro v18.11 release are:

  • Improve integration to source code management tools,
  • Simplify the way rules can be externalized in the form,
  • Support library tagging to make libraries immutable,
  • Assist developer productivity.

Maestro SCM Feature Branching

This feature provides Maestro UI and SCM command line tooling to support a project branching development workflow. This will assist customers to integrate with their source code management (SCM) systems when developing Maestro forms, allowing them to adopt modern software practices such SCM based branching and merging workflows such as GitFlow.

To achieve this improved integration, the Maestro dashboard has been enhanced with the following:

  • Introduced new “SCM” project types
  • Supporting private projects which can only be viewed/edited by the owner.
  • Only support one version for designs in SCM project types

The SCM command line tooling has been enhanced to allow:

  • Creation of SCM type projects using scm project add command
  • Creation of private feature branches
  • Support for the deletion of SCM projects and associated TM forms
  • Improved "diffing" and warnings to guard against loss of work.

Library Version Tagging

  • This extends the versioning changes already in Maestro
  • Gives Maestro developers the ability to lock down libraries
  • This means new resources can’t be published to a tagged library.
  • Preserves the library contents at a point in time.


Maestro Resource Summary

  • Summarizes the size of form resources
  • Identify potential hot spots in the form
  • Pie chart allows drill down to selected resource types

Maestro Form Dependency

  • Ability to see where components have originated from
  • Especially useful for shared components to find published library and source

Additional information on Maestro 18.11:


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