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10 Tips for a Highly Effective Onboarding Experience at your Bank


After years of research and market experience Avoka has earned its reputation as an industry leader in Digital Onboarding.  We are continually asked about the digital onboarding process and as a result we would like to share some knowledge on the subject.  This is an intro into a 10 part series of blog posts for a highly effective onboarding experience at your bank or institution.  Yes, I’m going to share 10 important things you can do to make your digital sales, customer acquisition, onboarding, application process…call it what you like…experience more effective. And by “effective” I mean CONVERT MORE PROSPECTS TO CUSTOMERS.

In summary, the 10 tips are:

  1. Part 1 of 10: Be careful using “Offer Codes”
  2. Part 2 of 10: Re-iterate the features of the product
  3. Part 3 of 10: Nurture Leads
  4. Part 4 of 10: Two paths to purchase for two different products
  5. Part 5 of 10: Steer customers to the path of least resistance
  6. Part 6 of 10: Categorize fields and ask tough questions last
  7. Part 7 of 10: Sweat the Details Like Headings, Disclosures and Fonts
  8. Part 8 of 10: Design for mobile first, then scale up.
  9. Part 9 of 10: Focus on design simplicity not fancy UX widgets
  10. Part 10 of 10: Look outside banking for inspiration

Interestingly, we’re seeing “progress” within the banks when it comes to improving their customer acquisition. For example, 12 months ago my #1 recommendation was “Don’t hide the Apply button” (banks used to bury their Apply button several pages deep below the home page…you had to go looking for it!). That’s still the case with many institutions, but many have seen the error-of-their-ways and are now making it very easy for customers to hit that Apply button. So, we’ve updated this list based on trends in the market.

So…here we go.  10 Announcement Posts to start your journey towards a better onboarding experience.


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