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Version: 22.10

Visibility Rules

Rules are used to affect the visibility of certain elements using configuration. The following code illustrates the configuration structure for rules.

rules: [
dataIndex: 'taskType',
value: ['Form', 'Review']
dataIndex: 'formCode',
value: ['Saved', 'Submitted']

If rules is defined in a configuration, the visibility of that configuration element depends on the rule conditions being met.

When rules contains multiple child objects, or value contains multiple values, they are combined as follows.

  • Multiple child objects are combined using an AND operator.
  • Multiple values are combined using an OR operator.

So, in the example above, the configuration element that rules applies to is visible if:

  • the taskType in the data is equal to Form OR Review; AND
  • the formCode in the data is equal to Saved OR Submitted.

rules is supported for the following configurations: Space, Attachments, Custom cards, Invoke, and Custom Actions. For details, refer to the attributes of these configurations.


To review the list of supported attributes, see API Reference.

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