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Version: 18.05 (EOL)

APIs for Developers


The Temenos Journey Manager (TJM) platform provides a suite of developer aids to help you build great TJM solutions. TJM has an extensible service-based architecture that allows developers to create sophisticated form transaction applications using plug-in services for key extension points. The foundation for TJM solution development is Journey SDK.

Generally, all Journey API documentation is updated with each software release. However, if the documentation you're looking for is not updated in this release, you can refer to the documentation for the most recent prior release. Any exceptions to this are noted in the release notes.


This documentation portal is focussed on bringing you up-to-date documentation for the latest release and recent supported releases. However, if you're looking for information about older releases or legacy products, see Documentation for older releases.

Using this documentation

Navigation paths are provided so that you can go directly to a specific release version of a topic or documentation set.

Navigating to documentation by topic or release version

  1. Navigation Bar: You can navigate to the latest release of a specific documentation set by selecting an item from the Navigation Bar at the top of the screen.
  2. Release Selector: While viewing a topic, you can switch to a different version (if available) by selecting an item from the Release Selector. If the topic isn't available for the selected release, the home page (APIs for Developers) for the release is displayed instead.
  3. Topics List: Select an item from the Topics List to navigate to that topic or documentation set in the currently selected release (as shown in the Release Selector).
  4. Topic Version: The Topic Version is displayed at the top of each topic. The Topic Version is also included at the top of the first page when printing a topic.

Above the Topic Version, you'll find some handy icons.

  • Print: Print the current topic using your browser's print feature.
  • Copy URL: Copy the current topic's URL to the clipboard.
  • Theme: Toggle between light mode and dark mode.
  • Expand: Expand the topic content, hiding the cards on the right (In this topic, Need More Help?).

What's in this release?

This release includes developer documentation for the following Journey Manager modules and features.

These release notes relate to this release.

Access to downloads

As a registered member of our resources website, you can request access to Journey API downloads distributed with each Journey Manager release. Here's how to request access.

About ...

Transact SDK

The TM Software Developers Kit (Transact SDK) includes tools to support the development of TM applications using modern developer tools and continuous integration (CI) build systems. Transact SDK includes the Transact Fluent API and Maestro API.

Exchange Framework

The Exchange Framework, formerly known as Transact Integration Framework (TIF), makes it easier for developers to build TJM integrations in an efficient, standardised and scalable manner which helps to reduce the ongoing costs of upgrades and maintenance.

Terms of use

The terms of use for our software and this website are available online.