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Version: 21.11


The Maestro Offline Build (MOB) tool, also know as the Maestro CLI, is a command-line interface for building Maestro forms outside the Journey Maestro web user interface (UI). Building forms from a command line allows the build process to be automated through scripting, and ultimately incorporated into a Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline.

The MOB tool also introduces the ability to build multiple forms in a project in one step, either through batch scripting a list of forms, by providing a file with a list of forms, or through a single “Build All Forms” command. This can be particularly useful to update all forms that use a single updated form template.

Version compatibility

The MOB tool is supported for Journey Maestro 19.05 and later releases. Forms from prior releases may not build correctly.

Usage examples

  • Export a project from Journey Maestro.

    maestro scm-clone –s –u username –p p@ssw0rd –r offline-build-demo/demo-project
  • Build all forms in a project.

    maestro build-project-forms
  • Build a single form.

    maestro build-form
  • Build a FAR file from the form in the directory ./my-form and output the file my-form.far in the directory ./built-forms.

    maestro build-form -d ./my-form -o ./built-forms -t f

More detailed examples are available in the documentation for each command.