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Version: 23.10

Installing Journey Narrative


Journey Narrative requires Temenos Journey Manager (TJM) 17.10 or later.

Your TJM version determines which Narrative versions you can use:

  • Prior to TJM 23.04: Use Journey Narrative 1.9.2 or earlier.
  • TJM 23.04 or later: Use Journey Narrative 2.0.0 or later.

Once your form is using a Journey Narrative, all user navigation must be handled by the Narrator. You cannot mix and match navigation styles.

Installing the Narrator

Journey Narrative is available through the Artifactory repository, and is configured for you if you are using the Springboard Framework. Maven and Jenkins will set and pull the version of the service identified in the pom-imports.xml file in your project.

Once the build process is complete, if you navigate to Services > Transact Functions on your JM server, a Transact Function called "Avoka - Narratives - Narration Controller" is available. For an example, see Actions.