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Version: 21.11

Groovy Services API

The Temenos Journey platform provides a comprehensive set of service extension points where you plug in Groovy script to create customized transaction applications. For an overview of these service extension points, see Transaction Processing Sequence.

Service Types

Groovy Service API documentation is available for each of the supported service types, and example Groovy script code is provided to help get you started.

Service TypeDescription
Fluent FunctionProvides a Fluent Function to execute on a form event trigger.
Delivery FunctionProvides a Fluent Delivery Function to perform transaction data delivery.
Form Version SelectorSelect which form version to render.
Form Security FilterPerform access checks on when forms are rendered.
Form Prefill DataPre-populate forms when they are rendered.
Tracking NumberCreate custom transaction tracking numbers.
Form Dynamic DataEnable forms to call a remote service dynamically based on user selections.
Submission PreprocessorValidate submitted data before a transaction is created.
Receipt NumberCreate custom transaction receipt/reference numbers.
Form Saved ProcessorCalled when a user saves a form.
Submission Data ValidatorCalled when a user submits a completed form.
Submission Completed ProcessorCalled when all the required user steps have been completed.
Render ReceiptCalled to render the form submission PDF receipt document.
Delivery ProcessDeliver the form submission data to back office systems.
Task Expiry ProcessCalled when an assigned task reaches expiry without being completed.
Email ServiceCalled when a transaction-related email is sent to an end user.
Job ActionProvide custom Job action processing.
Scheduled ServiceAn arbitrary service scheduled to execute based on a timer or cron expression.
Groovy ServiceAn arbitary Groovy service function called from other services.
SSO Revalidation ScriptLook at changes which may trigger the SSO filter to re-authenticate the user.
Get SSO Auth Token ScriptObtain an SSO authentication token during user authentication.
Auth OK Response ScriptCalled when a user's authentication during SSO login is successful.
Groovy Authentication ProviderAuthenticate a login token during SSO login.
Virus ScanPerform file virus scan.