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Version: 21.11

Getting Started

System Requirements

The Maestro Offline Build (MOB) tool runs as a Node.js module; therefore, Node.js (and npm) must be installed on the computer where the tool will be run. For information about installing Node.js and npm, see Downloading and installing Node.js and npm.


Node.js allows modules to be installed locally or globally on the host machine. A global installation makes the application available from any folder in the filesystem, whereas a local installation will only allow the application to be run from within the folder that it was installed into.


While it is possible to use the Maestro Offline Build tool through a local installation, we recommend installing it globally, and all instructions in the remainder of this documentation will assume a global installation.

To install the Maestro Offline Build tool, also known as the Maestro CLI:

  1. Download the MOB tool from the Maestro downloads page on the Journey Manager resources website. The download file is called maestro-cli-<version>.tgz; for example, maestro-cli-21.5.0.tgz.
  2. Open a command prompt in the folder the .tgz file was downloaded to, and use npm to install the module:
    npm i -g maestro-cli-21.5.0.tgz
  3. Check for successful installation by requesting the version number of the maestro command:
    C:\dev> maestro -v


To uninstall a global installation of the Maestro Offline Build Tool, use the npm uninstall command with the maestro-cli identifier:

npm uninstall -g maestro-cli