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Version: 21.05 (EOL)

Open UX API Overview

Form-initiated Transact Functions use a new Open UX API introduced in Transact Manager 17.10. This new API provides an improved application logic programming model and improved security.


The Open UX API consists of a set of commands, based on a standard HTTP request and response.

  • Form Error: Record information about an unexpected JavaScript application error in the TM Error Log.
  • Form Function: Form-initiated execution of a Fluent Function service to perform server-side logic.
  • Form Ineligible: Form-initiated abandonment of a transaction related to an ineligible user.
  • Form Init: Report, for analytics, that the form application is fully initialized and ready for user interaction.
  • Form Load: A form-initiated operation to load the form prefill data at page load time.
  • Form New: A form-initiated operation to create a new form transaction.
  • Form Start: Make a form-initiated record of the moment the user starts filling out a form.
  • Form Update: A form-initiated background save.
  • User Cancel: A user-initiated form abandonment.
  • User Save: A user-initiated form save and close.
  • User Submit: A user-initiated form submission.

Sequence Diagrams

The following sequence diagrams illustrate how applications use the Open UX API.

Maestro Sequence Diagram


JS App Sequence Diagram