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Version: 21.05 (EOL)

TJM Core API (Avoka Transact API)

For many years, Temenos Journey Manager (TJM) solutions have been based on the TJM Core API. However, modern TJM solutions now use the TJM Fluent API which is the successor library to the Core API.

Core API is likely to be deprecated in the near future, although no time has been set for this to occur and more work needs to be done in Fluent API to ensure it covers everything required to build a TJM solution. In the interim, documentation for the legacy Core API is provided for your convenience.


When building a TJM solution, always prefer the TJM Fluent API over TJM Core API. Use Core API only as a last resort when the functionality you require is not supported in Fluent API.

To learn about why you should prefer Fluent API over Core API, see Fluent Groovy Services vs Groovy Services.

TJM Core API documentation is available for the following supported releases: