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Version: 20.05 (EOL)


The Maestro Offline Build (MOB) tool is a command-line interface for building Maestro forms outside the Journey Maestro web user interface (UI). Building forms from a command line allows the build process to be automated through scripting, and ultimately incorporated into a Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline.

The MOB tool also introduces the ability to build multiple forms in a project in one step, either through batch scripting a list of forms, or through a single “Build All Forms” command. This can be particularly useful to update all forms that use a single updated form template.

Version compatibility

The MOB tool is supported for Journey Maestro 19.05 and later releases. Forms from prior releases may not build correctly.


The MOB tool supports forms residing in Maestro SCM projects only. Non-SCM projects cannot be built using the tool. To learn more about SCM projects, see Best Practices for Maestro SCM Feature Branch Workflow.

Usage examples

  • Export a project from Journey Maestro.

    maestro scm-clone –s –u username –p p@ssw0rd –r offline-build-demo/demo-project
  • Build all forms in a project.

    maestro build-project-forms
  • Build a single form .

    maestro build-form
  • Build a FAR file from the form in the directory ./my-form and output the file my-form.far in the directory ./built-forms.

    maestro build-form -d ./my-form -o ./built-forms -t f

More detailed examples are available in the documentation for each command.