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Maestro: All about repeating data

By Knowledge in Maestro 10th Jun, 2021
A typical requirement within a form is the ability to enter multiple instances, such as, with details of one or more persons. This is known as repeating data which may also be nested, such as, along with each person, a list of his/her assets is required to be entered. In this video, David uses the above scenario to display in Maestro: - The position in the list - as in the index for each person entered. - The number of items in a repeat - as in the number of persons entered. - The related parent details in a repeat - as in the name of each person owning the list of assets being entered. - The summed value - as in the total value of assets for each person. In this video, David shows in Maestro how: - The form data object works and its structure. - To access a repeats index, repeats parent data object and repeats array. That is, show the use of data,$i, data.$p and data.$r keys, respectively. - To use the get repeat data method for summing a list of assets. That is, show how to use the API method for summing a person's listed asset values (Form.getRepeatData).

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