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  Friday, 17 March 2023
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I am hoping this is a sophomore question to any experienced developer in the Temenos platform.

I have a Groovy class named Application. This class has several data members associated with it. In the FormXML in Journey Manager, I can see every data member located in this file. However, in Maestro, I only see two data members. How to I get the other data members from this groovy class/FormXML into the Maestro front end code?

Attached is a screen shot for clarification. You can see that the data members accountOwnership and OnlineBankingURL are both available in the Maestro model, but the other data members are absent. When I click on the "manage Models button in Maestro, it says that it is reading from a file named model-schema.json. I think this might be the key to getting more data members from the Application class to be available in Maestro, but I am unable to locate this file.

Thanks in advance for any assistance. I am really stuck.
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