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  Tuesday, 14 February 2023
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We are currently on version 20.05 of Workspaces.

I recently started a new, fresh cloned respository of our afp-workspaces project. I ran "npm install" and then "npm run start". After trying to build the project, I ran into an error similar to the following;

[exec] /var/lib/****/workspace/pipeline_feature_AssistedChannel/node_modules/@reduxjs/toolkit/dist/createSlice.d.ts
[exec] TypeScript error in /var/lib/****/workspace/pipeline_feature_AssistedChannel/node_modules/@reduxjs/toolkit/dist/createSlice.d.ts(128,125):
[exec] '?' expected. TS1005
[exec] 126 | [K: string]: CaseReducer<State, PayloadAction<any>> | CaseReducerWithPrepare<State, PayloadAction<any, string, any, any>>;
[exec] 127 | };
[exec] > 128 | declare type SliceActionType<SliceName extends string, ActionName extends keyof any> = ActionName extends string | number ? `${SliceName}/${ActionName}` : string;
[exec] | ^
[exec] 129 | /**
[exec] 130 | * Derives the slice's `actions` property from the `reducers` options
[exec] 131 | *

After digging into the issue, I can see that my "@reduxjs/toolkit" is version 1.9.2 now (was 1.7.1 the last time I built locally). This change to 1.9.2 (released 17 days ago: seems to have broken things for me.

It seems that I now need a newer version of Typescript for this to build properly.

My builds in Gitlab DEV also fail with the same issue.

Has anyone else ran into this issue in the past 17 days?

What are your recommendations on how to proceed as I don't have access to control the "@reduxjs/toolkit" version in order to downgrade the version as that comes from inside "@transact-open-ux/workspaces? I also don't know if it is safe to just upgrade my Typescript version without doing a complete regression of our Workspaces project.

Please let me know if there are additional details that I can provide.

Thank you,

Titus Brue

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