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  Wednesday, 29 June 2022
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I'm exploring Continuous Integration and the use of REST Application Package API.

I have setup Transact Manager permission according to
And also setup a Role specifically for the CI User.
CI User permissions include Admin Directory and REST Application Package API.

However when I try to GET an application package based on this article
I receive 403 Forbidden error as follows:
| 403 Forbidden Forbidden You don't have permission to access
| /manager/secure/rest/application-package/v1/MyClientCode/R42/ on this
| server.

We are using Azure DevOps Pipelines as our CI tool.
I have tried using Postman and also PowerShell script and they work as expected.

I have verified that the username/password are correct and the response of 403, instead of 401 suggests that the credentials are correct.

Any advise regarding how to implement CI to get application package using Azure Pipelines would be appreciated.


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