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  Wednesday, 15 June 2022
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we have a Fluent Form Function in PROD environment that has been working as expected for 6 months.
It is used as a Dynamic Data function to call GreenID.
Last night we deployed a new application package to PROD with an updated version of the function. However, there are errors in PROD.

Testing in DEV environment also reveals errors that have not occurred during DEV/UAT testing.

In DEV the function gives the above error, with further details as follows:

java.lang.ClassCastException: class com.avoka.fc.core.service.fluent.FluentFunctionService cannot be cast to class com.avoka.fc.core.service.form.IDynamicDataService (com.avoka.fc.core.service.fluent.FluentFunctionService and com.avoka.fc.core.service.form.IDynamicDataService are in unnamed module of loader '' @11be2b50)

The service definitions in DEV and PROD are quite different.
DEV mentions the following:
Service Creation Method = Java Classname
Classname / Bean Name = com.avoka.fc.core.fluent.FluentFucntionService

However, the definition in PROD does not have those values.
Also the service-config.xml definitions are very different.

The service was originally deployed to PROD in an application package, and the latest update was also deployed in an application package.

How do we resolve this problem?


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