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  Tuesday, 20 July 2021
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We have a form that displays the above error in the logs when submitted.

What is the meaning of the error and what is the cause, and what is the solution?

The form is unathenticated access. The form is saved/resumed by two users. All form functionality works as expected, however when submitted the above error occurs.

Groovy logs and ErrorLogs are not recorded on the first delivery service run. When we 'retry' delivery the delivery service runs as expected, but duplicates all the checkpoint actions.

It seems that the first run of the service does complete all the delivery checkpoints, but due to an error, no logs or checkpoints get recorded. On the second run all checkpoints are run again, and logs are recorded.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



4 months ago

Hi Mark,

There are a few articles about data retention and purging in Journey Manager with a few examples of how transactions are purged. A starting point is and it links to a few other articles like , and so on.

There is a new post that can be of your interest.

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