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Version: 23.04


The scm-push task pushes locally changed files of a Maestro design or project to a remote Maestro instance.


scm-push was introduced in Transact Maestro 17.10, and continues to be available in later Transact Maestro and Journey Maestro releases.

scm-project-push was introduced in Transact Maestro 18.05, and continues to be available in later Journey Maestro releases.

Task Attributes

All attributes are optional unless otherwise indicated.


Required. The Maestro server URL.


Required. The Maestro server username.


Required. The Maestro server user's password.


Required. The SCM clone of the project or design.

TM Security

To use this task, the user specified by username needs an active user account on the TM server with access to the Management Console module.

To be authorized to call the service, the user account also needs the Management Console permission "SCM Project View" or "SCM Design View".

If the user is not a global administrator, only services belonging to the organizations assigned to the user will be accessible.


The example Ant task below pushes locally changed files in the Maestro design with normalized name "form-1" to the remote Maestro instance.

<scm-push url=""
username="[email protected]"
clone="scm design clone maguire/jsmith/forms/form-1/1.0.0"
dir="src/form-1" />

Example Ant log output:

[scm-push] pushed: form.json
[scm-push] pushed: new-file.json