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Version: 22.10

Form Init

The Form Init command specifies that the form application is fully initialized and ready for user interaction. The purpose of this command is to provide analytics around the performance of forms to understand how long they take to open, and what the impact is on conversion rate and form starts.

This event records the moment when all the content is loaded by the browser (not the JavaScript DOMContentLoaded event). Insights ECCL, Maestro and React Apps use standardized logic to determine when to send this event (the form initialized time).

This information is recorded in the TM Request Log table as a millisecond value between the TM HTML document data streamed completed time and the time the formInit event was received.

request_log.duration_form_init = System.currentMillis() - (request_log.datetime_created + request_log.duration_total)

The form initialization duration is displayed in the "Form Sessions" table and details view.


Form Init was introduced in Transact Manager 18.05, and continues to be available in later Journey Manager releases.


Form Init has no options.


"type": "formInit",
"requestKey": "96b45311175fc320d875483950b2847c"



The response to this command is based on the standard Open UX API HTTP response. For more information, see HTTP Response.

200 OK

On a successful response, the server returns the existing JSON specifying the form status.

"formStatus": "Opened"

400 Bad Request

On an invalid response, the server sends a JSON error message.