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Version: 22.10

Form Ineligible

The Form Ineligible command performs a form-initiated ineligible operation. This command is used to abandon the transaction after the system has determined that the user is not eligible to complete it. This may be due to geographic restrictions or for some other reason.


Form Ineligible was introduced in Transact Manager 17.10, and continues to be available in later Transact Manager and Journey Manager releases.


All options are optional unless otherwise indicated.

milestonestring (Maximum length 100 characters)

A transaction milestone event to record with the transaction. For example, "Customer Cancelled".

Milestones are used to store transaction analytics information only. Do not store sensitive or PII data in milestones.

These milestones are recorded in the transaction history table for business reporting, and are also published to the Transact licensing service to support custom licensing agreements.


"type": "formIneligible",
"requestKey": "96b45311175fc320d875483950b2847c"



The response to this command is based on the standard Open UX API HTTP response. For more information, see HTTP Response.

200 OK

On a successful response, the server returns the existing JSON similar to the User Save and User Submitt response messages. The form should display a Customer modal page. Generally, the form will not be required to perform any further operations; however, the server may instruct the form to redirect the user to another location.

"formStatus": "Abandoned",
"redirectUrl": ""

400 Bad Request

On an invalid response, the server sends a JSON error message.