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Version: 17.10 (EOL)

Setup and Configuration

The Avoka Transact SDK is a bundled set of Ant tasks, Java libraries, templates, build scripts and example code to get you started developing Transact applications quickly using your preferred Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Setup Transact SDK explains how to install, configure and start using the Transact SDK to develop Transact applications.

Transact SDK Ant Build Files

The Transact SDK includes a build.xml file with a single Ant target that is used to scaffold new projects.

Each new scaffolded project is created in a new folder alongside the main Transact SDK folder, and includes its own build.xml file containing several Ant targets that operate on the project.

Since build.xml is the default name for Ant build files, you can run Ant without having to use the -f option to specify which build file to use. If you don't specify a build file, Ant will expect to find a build.xmlfile in the current directory.

Configuring an IDE

You can use any IDE that supports Ant tasks. Included in this documentation are guided examples for the Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA IDEs. These examples step you through creating a new Home Loan project that will be used in other examples in this documentation.

You can also run the Transact SDK Ant tasks directly from a command prompt if you prefer not to use an IDE, or if your preferred IDE doesn't have an integrated Ant environment.

If you want to run the Transact SDK Ant tasks in a scaffolded project outside of an IDE, you will need to provide additional parameters in order to resolve the Transact SDK libraries. You do not need these additional parameters to scaffold a new project from the main Transact SDK project. The Ant command line with additional parameters is:

ant -lib ../transact-sdk-17.10.0/lib ...