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Version: 17.10 (EOL)

About Transact SDK


The Avoka Transact Software Developers Kit (Transact SDK) supports the development of Transact Applications using modern developer tools and continuous integration (CI) build systems. Transact SDK build tools are provided as Java Ant tasks which can be used in Ant, Maven and Gradle based build systems, and are generally well supported in Java IDEs such as Eclipse and IntelliJ.

Transact SDK includes a command-line interface, T-CLI, for performing Maestro source code management (SCM) integration with Git and other SCM software. T-CLI can be used with a wide variety of editors, by developers creating Avoka Transact front-end applications.

This documentation is available to download from the Transact SDK 17.10 downloads page (login required) on the Temenos Journey Manager resources website where you can also check for a new Journey SDK release.

Supported Releases

This Transact SDK release became generally available on 8 December 2017. The following releases are supported at the date of this release.


Transact SDK releases that have reached end-of-life are no longer supported. If you are using an unsupported release, we recommend you upgrade to a supported release.

17.108 December 2020Release Notes · Documentation · Fluent API · Maestro API

Third-Party Libraries

This SDK distribution uses third-party software libraries developed by open source and commercial projects.

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