Provides Security and SSO Support classes.
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    Provide a Builder for the Account User Details Vo.
    Provide a Spring filter that adds the CSRF token to the XSRF-TOKEN cookie
    The annotation for checking user access.
    Provides an exception used to denote an authenticated user is not associated with the space.
    Provides an oAuth2 authenticator client that can be used by a transact security Manager to authenticate against an oAuth2 provider like Google.
    The annotation for checking user access to Portals (ex.
    Provides a SAML2 (Security Assertion Markup Language) response parser - a helper class for SSO Filter / Security Manager Get SSO Auth Token script.
    The Saml2ParserResult is returned from the Saml2Paser.parse(request) method.
    The aspect which will check user permission for each class constructors or methods annotated with FluentSecurityPermission
    Provides an SSO Authentication Token returned by the Saml2Parser in the Saml2ParserResult.
    Provides an exception used to denote that a user is inactive.