Class Saml2ParserResult


public class Saml2ParserResult extends Object
The Saml2ParserResult is returned from the Saml2Paser.parse(request) method.
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  • Field Details

    • isValid

      public final boolean isValid
      The isValid is true when the parsing has completed successfully without error.
    • ssoAuthToken

      public final SsoAuthToken ssoAuthToken
      The ssoAuthToken (SsoAuthToken) holds the parsed user details from the SAML Response. If isValid == false then it will be null.

      If is valid the Security Manager Get SSO Auth Token should return this object

    • responseRaw

      public final String responseRaw
      The raw SAMLResponse (String) taken from the request parameter.

      Save this to the SecurityLogger when troubleshooting. This can be useful for debug the Saml2Parser in a separate unit test

    • responseB64Decoded

      public final String responseB64Decoded
      The SAMLResponse XML (String) after it has been Base64 decoded. Save this to the SecurityLogger it is useful for troubleshooting the structure of the SAML token.
    • error

      public final Throwable error
      the Throwable when an error occurs during the parsing.
    • debugLog

      public final String debugLog
      contains a detailed log, including the infoLog entries of the parse operation.
    • infoLog

      public final String infoLog
      contains a summary log of the parse operation.
    • validationErrors

      public final List<String> validationErrors
      contains a List of the validation error messages.
  • Constructor Details

    • Saml2ParserResult

      public Saml2ParserResult(SsoAuthToken ssoAuthToken, String responseRaw, String responseB64Decoded, Throwable error, List<String> validationErrors, String debugLog, String infoLog)
      Creates a immutable Saml2ParserResult.
      ssoAuthToken - the SsoAuthToken that holds the parsed user details from the SAML Response.
      responseRaw - the String raw SAMLResponse taken from the request parameter.
      responseB64Decoded - the String SAMLResonse XML after it is has been Base64 decoded.
      error - the Throwable associated with a failure to parse the SAML Response
      validationErrors - a String List or validationError entries. Each String entry contains a type, a path to the node in the SAML Response relates to, an error context message, if an exception was caught the e.message() and the stack trace.
      debugLog - the String detailed log including the infoLog entries for the parse operation
      infoLog - the String summary log of the parse operation.