Website Tips

Welcome to the new Journey Platform website. This site consolidates all our Journey Platform knowledge resources and documentation into one website.  

In addition to sharing Journey Platform documentation our aim is to share interesting topics and questions that may be useful to fellow employees, partners, customers and the greater community.

To efficiently maximize this knowledge sharing space several guidelines must be adhered to by everyone. 

  • Get involved. The more voices the better.
  • Show respect. Think about your contribution and be courteous and professional in all your actions. This is a global space for everyone to share.
  • Be constructive. It is ok to disagree with another user’s content, but be sure to interact in a polite, courteous and constructive manner.
  • Be mindful. Remember that your contributions to this website are public. If your post is disrespectful, derogatory, or racist it will be removed by our website moderator.
  • Create a profile. Represent yourself authentically.  Add a photo to your profile or use an appropriate avatar.  When you ask a question or make a comment your username will be included.
  • No spam. Please do not try to use our website for your personal or company benefit.  Inappropriate posts or content will be removed, and further restrictions may be implemented.
  • Share. Have an item for sharing and discussing?  Please share it in the Q&A page or Articles
  • Questions? If you have questions regarding Temenos products or general industry content, please visit the Q&A page. Search for an answer first as someone may have asked this question already, if not, post a new question.  
  • Contact us. If you come across content or posts that you believe to be inappropriate or offensive, please contact us straight away.  Alternatively, for all matters big or small, good or bad, you can reach us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


For details on how to Register and Sign-in see the Registration article in Website Tips.