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Strategy for continued Journey Maestro support after AngularJS End-of-Life (EOL)


Product Notification:  

Strategy for continued Journey Maestro support after AngularJS End-of-Life (EOL) 

 Journey Maestro will continue to be supported after the AngularJS EOL. 

The Journey Maestro product uses AngularJS as its underlying web framework. From 31 December 2021, Google, the project owner for AngularJS, will end its support per an EOL announcement on the official website:  

This means that security patches and fixes will no longer be provided by the AngularJS project. It does not mean AngularJS apps will stop working: 

All AngularJS applications that work now, will continue to work in the future.” 

This notification outlines Temenos’ strategy and commitment to fully support the Journey Maestro product after the AngularJS EOL and into the foreseeable future. 

Temenos has partnered with a third-party support provider to provide a commercial support contract, service level agreement, and license for a version of AngularJS that is maintained by the third-party through to at least 2026 (with an option to extend). 

The commercial support is identical to what we currently receive and covers security weaknesses and fixes caused by web browser and jQuery changes. 

For more information see =>

The version of AngularJS will be included in the Q4 release of Maestro - 21.11.

Please be assured that there will be no impact to Journey Maestro customers. The product team will continue the practice of applying, regression testing, and releasing the latest patch versions of AngularJS as they are made available.  

On behalf of Temenos, we want to thank you for your business and loyalty.  



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