What's New in 21.11

We are pleased to announce our latest 21.11 release of Journey Maestro! All production environments will be upgraded early December according to the schedule published here Release Schedule.  It's packed with new features and bug fixes, which you have been waiting for.

Version Date Released Features & Enhancements Resolved Issues Downloads
21.11.0  3 December 2021

Key Features

Here is a list of the key features we've introduced or enhanced. To learn more about each feature, click a documentation link or read the Features and Enhancements section below.

  • Whitelabelling support - Adding functionality and improved the UX to make the addition of multiple brands much easier and more intuitive.
  • Avalon Template - a new template, which replaces the Maguire template, and brings a more modern look and feel, encapsulating common design patterns to help speed development time frames.
  • AngularJS Extended support for Maestro - we have partnered with XLTS.dev who will provide long term support AngularJS. This ensures Maestro remains secure and is not impacted by browser or JQuery changes.

Release Details



Features and Enhancements

Key Summary Description
AVM-3017 Make Avalon Template Generally available The Avalon Template is  now Generally available to the Maestro community and is a more modern take on the Maguire template that has served us well for the past few years. It has an improved look and feel while also providing out of the box common development patterns that have been collected from various client implementations.
AVM-3108 Update ckeditor to latest version
AVM-3102 Implement XLTS AngularJS  Temenos have partnered with XLTS.dev to provide long term AngularJS support to the Maestro product ensure security and browser changes are addressed in each release.
AVM-3078 Select specific brands to build in the UI When working in a form with multiple brands, I'd like to be able to select which brand(s) to build from the Build Options dialog.
AVM-3064 Set brand based on JSON config

Ability to set a brand at runtime for a form that contains the details of the brand that contains images, CSS content, translation setting a brand property that can be referenced by rules

AVM-3063 Set runtime translation file source

Ability to specify the source of a translation CSV so that it can be stored externally to the form. A service or URL can be used to load the translation.

This allows users to maintain their translations outside the form without needing to republish the form to get updates.

AVM-3062 Add support to bundle additional resources into the FAR file Ability to include additional resources in the FAR file that may not be used specifically, eg a JS library that will only load for interactive forms and never for receipts. Being able to specify resources to include that are not referenced allows this.
AVM-3061 Add support to include CSS in the form Ability to include a CSS file into a form from a form resource or from an outside source which could be a portal resource or external to the host environment. In addition we have added the ability to change the named CSS file or contents within the form allowing white labelling CSS to be easily set within the form.
AVM-3060 Runtime image changing

Added functionality to be able to change the URL of an image based on a name or on the item property. This supports 1) a URL for an image 2) assigning a name to an image allowing API calls to update images with that name.

AVM-3058 Build allows multiple brands to be used Ability to publish a form design that has multiple brands into separate FAR or ZIP files that  can be downloaded and uploaded to my JM instance.
AVM-3000 Add render published form button to dashboard Added ability to render a published form without having to accessing the JM admin console or opening the form and publishing it again
This will allow a view of a rendered form in its current state rather than one rendered against the latest assets.
AVM-2985 Update attachment widget to support CSRF tokens

Resolved Issues

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