Version Date Released Features and Enhancements Resolved Issues Downloads
5.1.4 September 22, 2017
5.1.3 August 25, 2017
5.1.2 July 7, 2017
5.1.1 June 7, 2017
5.1.0 May 5, 2017

Transact Maestro 5.1.0 is a major release of Maestro with significant features as well as bug fixes.

Key Features


Translation has been added to Maestro 5.1. This feature allows multiple languages to be added to a single form with the ability to easily switch languages in real time. Set up of the translation scripts can be carried out in Maestro via a new Translation UI that lists all the translatable fields in a form and maps these to the required languages. Translation files can also be directly uploaded to Transact manager and be associated to this form. This supports clients who send the fields to be translated to a 3rd party for translation and return a file.



Code View

This feature allows a developer to view, create and modify business rules in one place. The view is similar to the design tree view where the form structure is shown however business rules will be shown under the components that contain them. There is an ability to search and filter the rules. When a rule is selected in this view, a design view is shown similar to the existing rule editor. New rules can be added by right clicking the elements in the tree.

The following screens display the code view with rules shown under the elements.



Compatibility Mode

We have introduced version compatibility in the Maestro 5.1 release. Composer users will be familiar with this concept although it works a little differently in Maestro.

When an environment is upgraded to version 5.1, organizations can choose whether projects remain in version 5.0 or are upgraded to use the 5.1 release features. By default all projects remain in 5.0 until the project's release version is manually changed in the UI. When a form, component or template is opened the system will check the release version that the project is using. This determines the version of software and libraries that are used when opening the form. Users will see a different URL depending on the version being used.

The compatibility mode feature allows organizations to continue working in the version they were using prior to the upgrade, ensuring there is no change in behaviour to their forms. It is important to note that once a project is upgraded it can't be returned to the lower version. Our recommendation for upgrading a project is to copy the organization via an export/import and upgrade the copy. This allows a switch back to the older version backup if required.

Compatibility mode is only applied to the design view (editing forms, components, templates). The dashboard view (organizations, projects etc) always uses the latest release version.

The following screens show compatibility mode for 2 projects. The first shows "5.0 Organization" running 5.0 libraries (1.0.22). The second screen shows an updated project using 5.1 libraries (5.1.1).

The release version dropdown is used to upgrade projects.



Styling Improvements

Styling Inheritance

In Maestro 5.1, we have introduced item level styling inheritance. This feature compiles the shared styles on an item in the order that they appear in the styles tab (Highest means higher precedence). There is an ability to move a Shared style up or down using a right click context menu.

The following screens show an item in a form called "First Name", the first screen shot shows the Blue Label Style at the top of the shared style inheritance order.

The second screenshot shows the "Red Label" being right clicked and Move Style Up being selected. The final screenshot shows the "Red Label" style at the top of the inheritance order.


Improved Save Shared Style Flow

This feature improves the flow of modifying and saving an existing shared style. When you select and modify a style, you will see an asterix next to the style name as well as a save and clear button.

The following screens show a modified style called "Red Label", notice the asterix and save / clear buttons

image2017-5-2-15_33_4 image2017-5-2-15_34_4

Once you navigate away from an item or select a different style, the modified changes will no longer appear in the wireframe.

If you try and Preview, Save or Build the form you will be prompted to either "Save Styles and Continue", "Discard Changes and Continue" or "Continue Editing Design"


Saving a shared style will remove the asterix and remove it from the modified style list.

Revamped Form Build Process

Form Designs in Maestro 5.1 have a new button called "Build" which replaces the old "Publish" button (note: only in form designs).

This button allows the users to quickly build their form and download the TM Form Version archive in one click as well as perform additional options upon opening the extra menu.

The first option performs as above, the second builds and renders the form in a new tab (using the web-plugin space).

The third and last option opens a dialog which allows the user to change their user accounts build options as well as build and render or download the form.

The screens below depict the above build option buttons

image2017-5-2-15_57_3  image2017-5-2-15_57_21

The following screens show the "Build with Options" dialog and the Build Flow for this option. The Build Options are saved to your user account.


Release Details


Resolved Issues

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Date: 22 September 2017 (Generally Available)

Transact Maestro 5.1.4 is a minor release of Maestro, comprising of bug fixes and minor features,

Features and Enhancements

This release mainly focuses on bug fixes, small enhancements and accessibility support. There are 2 features worth calling out. Both these features are pre-cursors to the changes that will be coming in the 17.10 release later this year:

1) We have made the ID field more prominent in the design UI by moving it out of the Data panel and into the properties panel. Having the ID front and center, gives the developer more visibility about impacts to the ID when changes are made. In the next release, version 17.10 further changes will be made to make the component ID a first class citizen and more visible to the developer.

2) We have introduced the ability to download the design JSON for forms, components and templates direct from the UI. This facility is available from the versions screen and the save history panel. This will be further extended in the 17.10 release.

Reference Summary Theme Description
TPD-5637 Add ability to download the Design Version JSON Developer Productivity A developer can now download a design's JSON from the version details tab, version list tab or from the save history. This will allow easier inspection of the code using a source code management system.
TPD-5573 Add Item ID display to right click context menu Developer Productivity On right click of item in structure/wireframe show ID at the top
TPD-5572 Move the ID display from the Data Panel to the Properties Panel Developer Productivity This will provide more clarity to users in regards to ID management. It also prepares for 17.10 ID changes.
TPD-5489 Improve error on missing component resource Developer Productivity New error: The component <name> is missing resource <filename>
TPD-5322 Form progress bar inappropriately identified as tabs Accessibility
TPD-5321 Form progress bar inconsistently explains status Accessibility
TPD-5320 Parsing errors present from W3 validator Accessibility
TPD-5315 No language is specified in the HTML tag of any of the pages. Accessibility
TPD-5313 No unique page titles Accessibility
TPD-5310 Loading pop-ups not explained to screen reader users Accessibility Ensure that the loading overlay is communicated to screen reader users.
TPD-5305 Confusing page regions Accessibility
TPD-4532 Data Reference Map modal dynamic sizing of table Developer Productivity When there are lots of field mappings, it would be useful if it were possible to eliminate the scrollbar by showing more rows when space is available.

Resolved Issues

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Features and Enhancements

This release adds more functionality to support accessibility. Recent internal and client testing has allowed us to identify these areas of improvement.

Reference Summary Theme Description Link
TPD-5491 Include shared style label in LESS compile error message Styling This will assist a designer in identifying where to fix the problem.
TPD-5350 Add On Page Load Scroll Rule to Nav Page / Page Controller Productivity This will override the default functionality and gives the user the ability to scroll and focus to whatever they like.
TPD-5330 Name of button not announced by iOS VoiceOver Accessibility
TPD-5329 Dialog window not announced by screen reader Accessibility
TPD-5328 Error not announced by screen reader Accessibility
TPD-5323 Expanding element not explained by screen readers Accessibility Ensure that expanding and collapsing element have an aria-expanded and aria-haspopup attributes
TPD-5319 Screen reader users not provided instructions with address lookup Accessibility
TPD-5317 Error block exposed to screen reader users when no errors are present Accessibility
TPD-5316 New windows and in-page overlays not forewarned Accessibility
TPD-5309 Focus begins at the bottom of the page Accessibility
TPD-5271 New Component: Horizontal Divide Productivity
TPD-5270 New Components: Autotab Block, Autotab Controller Productivity 1. Autotab Block (Palette folder: Containers) : A block that that facilitates auto-tabbing between text fields contained within it.

2. Autotab Controller (Palette folder: Tools): A component that allows you to select fields that you'd like to auto-tab between. This currently uses a fieldRefMap to select fields which is not ideal as the Key column is not used - would be better to have a fieldRefList property type.
TPD-5160 Refresh dashboard tree after version addition Productivity When you add a version to a form the tree needs to rebuild to ensure version numbers are in order.
TPD-5010 Adding Maestro releases version info in the published form Productivity Currently there is only maestro version accesible through javascript  Form.maestroVersion, we should also consider adding releases version into the form so script can access if needed.
TPD-4829 Code folding Productivity Enable code folding (functions, blocks) in Code View
TPD-4770 Add ability to specify the widget to focus on, in a validation rule Productivity Have set a validation rule on a block, and it works ok with the error appearing at the top of the page.  But when you click on the error it scrolls the page but does not set focus on anything (which makes sense because a block is not an editable widget). AVT-4584
TPD-4639 Inform users siging into maestro when user account has no assigned active orgs Security When a user without an active org signs into to maestro they aren't presented with anything to indicate this. This could cause some confusion. Need something to inform users when they have no orgs assigned. 
TPD-4513 API Methods, Show Details: Please include parameter data types Productivity It is often quite difficult to figure out what values could be included as parameters, sometimes, it's not even possible to figure out what the data type is, let alone what the effects of different values would be.
TPD-3691 Percentage Field Component Productivity Standard "Percentage" component which works in a similar manner to the currency component (where the symbol is build into the field, and where the display & stored value are customised to show a whole number, but be stored as a decimal)?
TPD-3267 Keep track of default separator for editing dropdown options as text Productivity Is it possible to remember the Default Separator for editing dropdown options as text?
Use Case - We have a country list that has commas in the display values and we have to remember to change the delimiter to something else every time we make edits or it will mess up the list of values.
TPD-2093 Cheat sheet for keyboard shortcuts Productivity Found this neat idea on another app. A small keyboard icon in the bottom right corner of screen that when hovered over shows cheatsheet (see screenshot)

Resolved Issues

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Features and Enhancements

Reference Summary Impact Description Linked Issues
TPD-5338 Add support to revert standard properties. Productivity Added support to revert standard properties like label, layout etc.
TPD-5265 New Cranberry Favicon for Maestro User Experience
TPD-5247 Change background image number spinners to new spinner directive Productivity
TPD-5246 Enhance spinner to allow disable/enable Productivity TPD-5239
TPD-5212 Make release notes link dynamic via API call User Experience
TPD-5210 Add column on Form version list to show if form has been Built User Experience
TPD-5208 Add ability to create new design based any existing version Productivity When a form has a list of versions, a user may want to create a version based on an early version. At present Maestro only ever bases the new version on the latest in the list.
Note this may not be the version that has been published to TM.
TPD-5207 Add styling target for "Text' to Graphical Radio Button Styling Development Current Graphical Radio button does not provide a style target for text.
TPD-5064 Check for valid form status on form submission Form Development The form now can check the returned JSON payload and verify that the form status value is correct after a submit and save operation. AVT-4650
TPD-5049 Return user to last form tab viewed when re-opening saved form User Experience The form now re-opens at the page where the user was last completing the form.
This is controlled by a form option.
TPD-5048 Add new variable Resource.isMobile Form Development This variable will return true if Resource.deviceType can't find a known device from this list:
[iOS, Android, Blackberry, IEMobile,Opera Mini]
TPD-3549 Ability to create Rule Templates and Rule Helpers in the Block Editor Productivity In a widget definition there is a section for defining ruleTemplates and ruleHelpers. Can we add this capability to the Component Editor please. TPD-3822, TPD-3828, TPD-4640, TPD-4806

Resolved Issues

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Features and Enhancements

This release aims to consolidate the features introduced in the 5.1 major release. Translation, Code View and Accessibility handling have all been improved in this release.

Reference Summary Impact Description Linked Issues
TPD-5071 Add shortcut to common services for JS Lib code   Expose same API as Script rules where possible.  
TPD-5057 Align Data Tab - Integration panel with TM labels Integration Changed labels in the Maestro Integration panel to explain and align better with TM

Integration > Transact Integration
Extract Name > Data Extract Name
Extract Flags > Data Extract Options
System Mappings > Form Data Config Mapping
TPD-5045 Better display of extension point differences when changing templates  Styling    
TPD-5005 Differentiate inherited and local-level code CodeView

In the Code View. Local rules are now shown with Green icons and inherited rules show with blue icons.

TPD-5004 Add dialogs and modal rules to Code View CodeView Rules in dialogs and modals were not showing up in code view mode. This has been included in this release  
TPD-5002 Code search panel - only scroll search results CodeView Code search and options are fixed and now visible during scroll  
TPD-5001 Option to show template and inherited code CodeView Add an option to be able to see code from item prototypes. Add this to both code tree and search panels.  
TPD-4968 Usability changes in Translation window Translation 1) When opening the translate window - scroll to field you are on.
2) Add a search facility
3) Maintain scroll position when changing languages
TPD-4787 Address Accessibility issues in address lookup/auto complete widget Accessibility

Various changes to make the auto complete/Address lookup function accessible.

- Introduce new property in widget to append a link to the label.
This link can be used in this situation to open the manual address fields.

- Alert on results: No items found/Items found
- Add role=application

TPD-4486 Error block accessibility Accessibility Various changes to make the error block function accessible.  
TPD-4485 Repeat fieldset Accessibility

Various changes to make repeats accessible.

 Repeat containers ("Repeat" and "Repeat Block Template") should contain its content within a fieldset.
The repeat heading should be implemented as the fieldset legend.

TPD-4484 Repeat delete focus Accessibility On deleting a repeat the focus should be set to the delete button of the next repeat item.  
TPD-4483 Repeat alerts Accessibility Ensure that repeats announce after adding or deleting an item.  
TPD-3191 Add Repeating Data Flag for Data Extract Publish Integration If a field is in a repeat, this will be set to true automatically TPD-5057

Resolved Issues

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Features and Enhancements

Reference Summary Description
TPD-4850 Expose organization code in Maestro dashboard UI The Organization code and Organization name will display on the Dashboard
TPD-4831 Use Regex to search code UI Added an option to treat the term in the Search panel as a Regex.
TPD-4823 Return a promise from Scroll.ScrollTo, resolve on completion of animation Design Return a promise from Scroll.scrollTo , resolve on completion of animation.

Required to focus on an element different to the one scrolling to.
TPD-4826 Add warning message when upgrading project to new release Compatibility A warning message is displayed when a project is being upgraded to a new release. This is part of the compatibility mode changes.
TPD-4816 Ability to enable focus on headings within text displays Accessibility Ability to enable focus on headings within text displays

useful if a custom template is made. Adds tabindex="-1" to heading element.
TPD-4798 Filter out older major versions in release dropdown Compatibility  
TPD-4789 Include source design version in component/template manifest UI Added source design version to blockInfo for components.

Added the template version of the current form to the Form Details view.

Added the block version to the message displayed from the "Info for item xxx" context menu option on a component.
TPD-4787 Address Accessibility issues in address lookup/autocomplete component Accessibility

Several changes to make this accessible.

1) Ability to add a button next to the label. This will allow the following:
   - Change the prefix text and the label 
   - Add a click rule to this button via rules and also style it via Label Button style target 

2) Added alerts for items found and not found. "{x} results found. Use up and down arrow keys to navigate, and press enter to select" or "No results found." 
3) Added alerts for when you navigate the result list, it will alert the item you are on. If you are on the extra item, it will alert that text. i.e. manually enter an address 
4) added an alert when you select an item from the list, it will say the item name followed by the word "selected". 
5) added a role of combobox 

TPD-4784 Change Maestro Title to include Avoka Transact UI Changed Maestro title to include Avoka Transact (Maestro - Avoka Transact).
TPD-4782 Update release libraries to 5.x Compatibility

Release libraries now match the release number of 5.x.x

Existing 1.0.x libraries will not change.

TPD-4775 Show Project Release on Project Header UI Current version of a project is now displayed in the header of the project.
TPD-4774 New Favicon UI Put the new Favorite Icon shown on the login screen in all required places in Maestro.
TPD-4758 Enhance Welcome Page of Maestro UI Maestro welcome page enhanced to include the following:
  • Links to your last 10 recent forms
  • Links to product documentation (in KB)
  • Link to release notes (in KB) of current version
TPD-4720 Add Library Resource History Support To UI UI Added library resource history support to Maestro user interface.
TPD-4570 Remove Dialog background blur UI

Display now includes background detail such as the structure tree.

TPD-4524 Extension points that have been set should be highlighted Template

Added icons to identify extension points.

TPD-4486 Error block accessibility Accessibility

Focus is now set to the error block container when the error is first displayed.

TPD-4485 Repeat Fieldset Accessibility

Repeat component is now wrapped in a fieldset.

Repeat header text is wrapped in a legend element for the repeating block template

TPD-4484 Changes to focus when deleting repeats. Accessibility

Added the following functionality when deleting repeats.

  • When deleting a repeat component, the focus is set to the delete button of the next repeat item.
  • When deleting the last item, the focus will go to the delete button of the previous item that has just become the new last item.
  • When deleting the penultimate item (leaving the minimum number of allowed items), the focus is set to the first field within the next item.
  • When deleting the last item and minimum number is zero, the focus is set to the add button.
TPD-4483 Repeat alerts Accessibility Repeats will now announce actions after adding or deleting items
TPD-4242 Ability to Increase specificity of item styles based on shared style order Styling Added ability to increase the specificity of item styles.
TPD-4175 Ability to configure time-based autosave Design Added ability to configure a time-based autosave feature on forms. This autosave feature activates at user selected intervals (For example every 30 seconds or 1 minute etc intervals).
TPD-4065 Script editor API methods for page names Design Added methods that support page names.
TPD-3652 Attachment delete confirmation Design Added confirmation dialogue boxes when deleting attachments.
TPD-3651 Attachment messages disappear too quickly Design Added ability to configure the length of time attachment messages appear.
TPD-3354 Same row icons UI Added visual indication to indicate when components are on the same row in the structure tree.
TPD-3353 Put components on the same row Design Added function to right-click in the tree structure to put a component on the same row as its immediate predecessor.
TPD-1879 Component: Multi-Select Drop-Down Design Now possible to make multiple selections in a drop down menu.

Resolved Issues

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