Version Date Released Features and Enhancements Resolved Issues
19.05.0 24th June 2019


To reflect the recent brand changes in the Temenos product line, Transact Insights has now been rebranded as Journey Analytics.

The Journey Analytics 19.05 release has been focused on enhancing its capability to compare performance between application versions to facilitate easier A/B testing.

Key Features

A/B Testing View

The new Journey Analytics A/B Testing View brings a customizable dashboard that makes it easy to compare the performance of your application versions, across many different metrics in a single view.


Custom Data Export

The new custom data export allows you to export analytics reports to CSV with the ability to select the granularity of your reports and retrieve exports for multiple applications in a single file.

Users will now have much more control and granularity over their exported data.


Other enhancements

Other features and enhancements have also been included in this release.

Segment filtering - Added to the Global FIlter Panel to allow users to view different segments of their analytics data.

Job filtering - Added to the Cohorts filter on the Global Filter Panel to allow users to filter by one or more collaboration jobs, or versions of jobs.

Last Analysis - Added to the Journey Analytics banner to show the date and time the analytics data was last consolidated and updated. It typically runs hourly.


Release Details


Features and Enhancements

Reference Summary Feature
TID-2241 A/B testing PoC A/B testing
TID-2242 DP endpoint for A/B testing data export POC A/B testing
TID-2246 Metric selection UI + Backend for A/B testing A/B testing
TID-2247 UI and DP changes for selecting scope of A/B testing A/B testing
TID-2248 UI and DP changes to set aggregation for A/B testing A/B testing
TID-2250 Ability to export A/B testing data A/B testing
TID-2332 Field Analysis Card Field Analysis
TID-2333 Drop off Card Dropoff
TID-2011 Data requirements gathering A/B testing
TID-2243 Understand intended usage patterns A/B testing
TID-2244 Understand requirements around filtering/aggregation/scope A/B testing
TID-2254 Testing with Spring Security 4 A/B testing
TID-2256 Documentation validation Documentation
TID-2331 More fine grained customisation for bar chart cards A/B testing
TID-2342 Journey Analytics Rebranding Branding
TID-2344 Section summary report card A/B testing
TID-2345 A/B Testing section summary card A/B testing
TID-2352 Dropoff Hover to show counts used in calculations Dropoff
TID-2364 Highlight max values for Section Summary report A/B testing
TID-2365 Section Completion config not working when all forms are selected A/B testing

Resolved Issues

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