Version Date Released Features and Enhancements Resolved Issues
5.1.0 June 16, 2017


Transact Insights 5.1.0 is a maintenance release containing rework of the Insights back end data model and optimizations to improve performance and minimize BigQuery resource utilization.

With this release, all Insights views should be rendered in under 16 seconds in general and Timeline views in under 10-12 seconds for non-cached data. When the cache is hit, the response time for these views should be under 2-3 seconds.

Release Details


Features and Enhancements

Reference Theme Summary Description
TID-1024 Legacy Data Support Redefinition of Bounce to support data from pre-TM 5.0.7 Redefines the Bounce treatment to support both new Abandonment events from TM and legacy Abandonment events from pre-TM 5.0.7.







Performance Remodel event table in bigquery

Optimizes performance by sharding event table into "Sections", "Fields" and "Milestones". This implements changes in Insights Backend in the way events are consumed and the way the data is queried. This approach provides an opportunity to optimize queries for performance and minimize BigQuery resource utilization. A migration script was developed to migrate legacy data to the new sharded table format. It additionally, enhances the Insights ability to do future schema changes without needing migration of legacy data. It also enhances Insights backend's ability to automatically apply schema changes if need be in the future without requiring manual action.

TID-1007 Performance Concurrent query management Implements a shared query queue to limit concurrent queries. This helps alleviate issues due to BQ's inability to handle concurrent queries when the count goes beyond allowed limit.
TID-992 Performance Split dashboard precache into two precache tables Implements logic to optimize Dashboard queries by splitting the queries into two - one for current period and the second for previous period.


Data Quality

Update period filter and timeline charts to use form_transaction.time_opened Implements query changes to use transaction time open instead of session time open which gives a performance boost across all Insights queries and also fixes a corner case issue with the earlier implementation which was treating a saved-resumed transaction into incorrect periods

Resolved Issues

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