Zillow v1.0

This package facilitates integration to the Zillow APIs for the purposes of US property valuation estimates.


The Zillow APIs are free, however Zillow organisations wishing to use this package must:


This package has the following compatibility requirements:

Transact Manager5.0 or above
Transact Maestro5.0.14 or above

Installation Instructions

To install this package please walk through the following proceedure:

  1. Unzip the package to a directory on your computer
  2. Import each zip archive found in the services folder to Transact Manager under the Services >> All Services menu item.
  3. Review the Help Doc tab for each of the imported services and make any required adjustments to service parameters.
  4. Configure any required Service Connections. These requirements can be found at the bottom of this document or in the Help Doc for each of the imported services.

    Service Connections can be configured in Transact Manager under the Services >> Service Connections menu item.

  5. Import each archive found in the libraries folder to Maestro.

    Importing these into the Organisation level libraries folder is recommended as this will make the components available to all projects, however they can be imported at the Project level if required.

Usage Instructions

  1. Add a Data Field to your template.
  2. Name the Data Field Zestimate.
  3. Add an address component (US short format) to you form.
  4. Add the Zillow Lookup Button to your form and rename to Get Zestimate.
  5. Edit Input Field Mappings under Configuration on the Properties tab and reference the corresponding 5 fields from the address component.
  6. Edit Response Field Mapping under Configuration on the Properties tab and reference the zestimate data fields you created earlier.
  7. Optional: You may choose to hide the Zillow lookup button and trigger the click rule from another event in your form.

Maestro Assets

Zillow Lookup Button Library: exchange.zillow Category: Zillow

Takes a US property address and retrieves a Zestimate (property valuation estimate) via the Zillow API

Service Calls

Rule Templates

You may add your own logic to handle the following rule types triggered by this component:

  • On Success : a script to run on success of the dynamic data call, the parameter info contains the response
  • On Failure : a script to run on failure of the dynamic data call, the parameter info contains the response


Zillow - Lookup Property v1
Zillow Property Lookup - retrieve US property information and valuation estimates via the Zillow API

Service Connection


Name Description Required
Address Details:
  • streetAddress1
  • streetAddress2
  • city
  • state
  • zip
Address details of the target property.

streetAddress2 and zip are optional.



Name Description
zestimate The estimated property valuation as an unformatted numeric value in whole dollars.
executionStatus The status of the service execution [ SUCCESS | DATA_ERROR | SYSTEM_ERROR ].

Successful execution will be denoted by a SUCCESS value. DATA_ERROR will indicate that there was an issue identified with the input data that may be resolved and potentially retried by the user. SYSTEM_ERROR indicates that there was an unrecoverable system fault and the form should fall-back gracefully to an alternative path.

errorMessage When a DATA_ERROR is experienced, this value may provide more detail on the nature of the error.

Service Connections

The following service connections are used by this package.

Property Name Description Required
Type HTTP Endpoint Yes
Endpoint Must point to the Zillow base endpoint
  • Prod: http://www.zillow.com/webservice
Auth Key The zws-id access token provided by Zillow Yes