Mitek TIDEN v2.0

This package provides capabilities that extend the Journey Manager platform for users wishing to extract driver license or passport details from the document plus document verification, using the Mitek TIDEN Mobile Fill, Mobile Verify services and MiSnap for Mobile Web SDK.

This package includes the following components:

  1. Mitek Tiden Documents component which triggers Mitek Dialog.

    These Maestro components provide a workflow to extract driver license or passport data using OCR.

    The workflow is:

    1. The user will have to choose to Pre-fill a form using Mitek Pre-fill service. The customer may require a consent before displaying the component.
    2. The user will use the MiSnap mobile SDK to capture the front and back of the ID document or passport document. There will be different error messages displayed in case the image is not suitable to capture the details.
    3. The image data is sent to the Journey Manager server and then extracted using the Mitek TIDEN Mobile Fill service.
    4. The extracted data from the driver license/passport is sent back to the form for the user approval. This will allow the user to view and modify the details in case needed.
    5. The user will need to confirm the details. After confirmation the details will be populated automatically in the form.
    6. Optionally, this component also provides document verification capability and selfie based on configuration.


Clients must ensure they are appropriately licenses in order to use this package. Organisations who wish to use this package are required to either purchase the licensing through Avoka or to establish a commercial relationship with Mitek directly. Avoka is an authorized reseller of Mitek Services.


This package has the following compatibility requirements:

Journey Manager18.05.0 or above
Journey Maestro18.05.0 or above
Mitek TIDEN API Versionv2

Installation Instructions

This package should be installed as a single archive via the Avoka Exchange. Once installed you should walk through the following procedure to ensure you complete any required configuration:

  1. Review the documentation below for each of the imported services and make any adjustments necessary to service parameters.
  2. Review the documentation below for any Service Connections and add your credentials as required.
  3. Review the Help Doc tab for each of the imported services and make any required adjustments to service parameters.
  4. Review the Service Connection requirements under the same Help Doc tab for each of the imported services and make any required configurations to the Service Connection. Service Connections can be configured in Journey Manager under the Services >> Service Connections menu item.
  5. Installation of any included Maestro libraries requires you to login to you Maestro server and import them either into your organization (for global availability) or to your specific project.
  6. Review the usage instructions below.

CSP Configuration

The Content Security Policy (CSP) response header helps you reduce XSS risks on modern browsers by declaring what dynamic resources are allowed to load via a HTTP Header, thereby protecting your solution from a range of vulnerability attacks.

By default, Journey Manager has strict CSP settings configured so these will likely need to be modified in order to enable the Mitek JavaScript API integration to work properly.

You can configure CSP settings in Journey Manager at a system wide level via the 'Form Submission Access Controller' service, or at an Organization level in the Security tab. The following Sample CSP demonstrates how to enable the Mitek SDK JavaScript integration:

script-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline'; object-src 'none';

Note the 'unsafe-inline' directive is present because the Mitek JavaScript SDK uses in-lined JavaScript

For more information see CSP on The Avoka Community

Usage Instructions

Use the following procedure to configure Mitek Tiden in your form:

  • From your Maestro project libraries tab, select the library exchange.mitek.tiden and move it up to the top, using the Maestro Move Up button.
  • From the Maestro palette add the Mitek Tiden Documents component onto your form.
  • The buttons Drivers License and Passport use Graphical Radio Button widget. In Maestro version 19.05 the widget comes pre-selected with value in the property Button Selected Image which needs to be cleared. For both the Drivers License and Passport buttons go to the properties tab and under Image section clear this image.
  • The Drivers License and Passport buttons use the Graphical Radio Button component. Some templates may include more styles for the Graphical Radio Button component. For both the Drivers License and Passport buttons select the style tab and remove any style other than the Radio Graphical and Radio Border.
  • From the Maestro palette add the Mitek Dialog component onto your dialogs folder.
  • Save and refresh your Maestro form. (This action allows the web icons to show correctly).
  • Select the Mitek Tiden Documents component and on the Properties tab select the Configuration section and in Response Standard Fields Mapping, map all required fields into the input data maps.
  • In Response Dynamic Fields Mapping, provides the keys that match the Mitek TIDEN dynamic properties name and related fields in field reference. That way, any configured dynamic properties value from Mitek TIDEN service will be retrieved and pushed to form fields once confirmed. Please check Mitek TIDEN API doc for dynamic properties definition.
  • In the Options section, check the Document Verification or Document Verification and Selfie if you want to verify the document also. Otherwise, will perform the data prefill only.
  • In the Rules section, add any processing rules to handle On Success, On Failure, On Confirm Details and On Max Attempts events.

Please note - this component uses the widget svgImageToSrc to set image colour based on the template colour using CSS. For better loading time you can un-tick the flag Replace svg tag with svg src and upload the image with the right colour.

When the prefill data get returned, the component will show the fields with the prefill data for user to confirm. Please note only the fields that have been mapped either through Response Standard Fields Mapping or Response Dynamic Fields Mapping will be shown. If the Mitek TIDEN service returns empty result for certain fields that mapped, it will still show up in confirmation section for user to complete the data.

Please note that this component will be hidden upon a successful data prefill and confirmation. That means it will only work once if succeeded. Form designer should consider the form flow accordingly based on this fact. For example, If form has a button to open a dialog to perform the data prefill, that button should be hidden after data is prefilled and confirmed.

Please note in case of document verification, there will be no verify status coming back to the client component. However full response from Mitek TIDEN will be recorded on Journey Manager as submission property so that it can be used during delivery process logic if needed. Data prefill functionality will still be performed in this case.

Multiple Verification Sessions

If you need to perform data prefill on multiple individuals in a single transaction you will need to add an instance of the Mitek Tiden Documents component for each individual and specify a Role Identifier (found under Options on the Properties panel) for each instance. For example, if your form supports 2 applicants you would specify a Role Identifier of Applicant1 and Applicant2 respectively. This will ensure that the sessions do not interfere with each other.
You would only require to provide one instance of the Mitek Dialog component.

Mobile Verify and Selfie

Mobile Verify performs the industry's most comprehensive checks. It evaluates the document to determine its authenticity and whether it has been altered in any way. It is possible to configure the Mitek.Tiden component to perform a pre-fill with a mobile verify check. It is also possible to add a selfie capture which will be compared to the photo on the Driver Licence. This feature will only work on mobile devices. The Mitek’s findings will be stored against the completed transaction providing the overall outcome (Authentic – True/False) and the corresponding probability score.

Max Number of Attempts

The service provides ability to limit the number of attempts of using Mitek mobile services per transaction, so that the client does not get charged more than required per transaction using Mitek services. The default value for max number of attempts is 3. But you can change it to suit the business requirement. See the documentation for the Mitek Tiden - ID service for information on how to configure this value.

Once a Mitek Tiden ID service gets called, The component contains two data fields attempts Left and attempts Used inside the Control Fields allowing the form designer to enforce more restriction in case needed.

The component will be hidden if max number of attempts has been reached.

Please note this limit should be per applicant in one transaction. If you have multiple Mitek Tiden ID components in the form, you need to make sure give each component a unique Role Identifier so that the number of attempts will be calculated separately for each applicant. Please check the documentation for the Mitek Tiden ID on how to configure this.

In the component, you can add an On Max Attempts rule which will be triggered when attempts left is 0. This should allow the form designer to define the behavior if required.

HTTP Audit Logging

For audit purposes the package provides a HTTP Audit feature that records information about each HTTP request call made in the execution of a service. If this feature is enabled at the service level, HTTP request and response information will be logged to a submission property on the transaction for which the request was made. The name of this submission property can be customized to suit your needs.

The audit information will be stored in the submission property as a JSON array with a structure as follows:

        "serviceName": "MitekTidenId",
        "executionTimestamp": "2017-08-16 17:43:58 AEST",
        "durationMillis": 147,
        "request": {
            // Request Details
        "reseponse": {
            // Response Details
        "serviceName": "MitekTidenId",
        // Etc...

See the documentation for the Mitek Tiden - ID service for information on how to enable this feature.

Release Notes

Version 2.0 Aug 19, 2019

  • Create new components called Mitek Tiden Documents and Mitek Dialog to improve UI. And provide passport verification.

Version 1.9 Jul 26, 2019

  • Defect fix - Angular throws Uncaught Error: [$rootScope:inprog] on customized templates.

Version 1.8 May 2, 2019

  • UX enhancement - display error message on the bottom of the image attached as per UX expert recommendation.
  • New feature included to disable/enable the review and edit captured details prompt.

Version 1.7 Mar 21, 2019

  • Enhance to perform document verification with a selfie.

Version 1.6 Mar 6, 2019

  • Truncate USA zip code to 5 characters.
  • Add component property called Visible On Mobile Only to only show the component on mobile devices (phones and tablets).

Version 1.5 Feb 15, 2019

  • Upgrade client Mitek SDK to version 2.6.1. This version fixes Chrome version 7.2.x issue.

Version 1.4 Oct 15, 2018

  • Upgrade client Mitek SDK to version 2.5.
  • Handling local SDK crash.
  • Fix issue with internet connection drop the form hangs.

Version 1.3 May 22, 2018

  • Fixed exception when parsing response with no extractedData.
  • Defect fix - Form wasn't populated with extracted data, when one image processing failed and the other succeeded.

Version 1.2 Apr 4, 2018

  • Add new flag to prevent barcode check of the back image.
  • Add documentation on CSP configuration.

Version 1.1 Jan 22, 2018

  • Support a new feature to perform document verification along with Pre-fill. (Response is recorded on the server only at this stage)
  • Defect fix - Progress dialog fixed to appear when validating and processing the images.
  • Defect fix - Changed Issue Date and Expiry Date field to Date Picker in confirmation block.

Version 1.0 Dec 18, 2017

  • Baseline release covering Mobile Fill capabilities only.

Maestro Assets

Base Dialog Library: exchange.mitek.tiden Category: Mitek Tiden

Base dialog is a simple dialog page.

Used In

Rule Templates

You may add your own logic to handle the following rule types triggered by this component:

  • Load : a script to run when the dialog loads

Mitek Dialog Library: exchange.mitek.tiden Category: Mitek Tiden

Mitek Dialog is a dialog page that provides the business logic and integration with Mitek SDK.


Rule Templates

You may add your own logic to handle the following rule types triggered by this component:

  • Load : a script to run when the dialog loads

Mitek Tiden Documents Library: exchange.mitek.tiden Category: Mitek Tiden

Facilitates form pre-fill with document verification capability from a Driver's License or Passport using Mitek Tiden API

Rule Templates

You may add your own logic to handle the following rule types triggered by this component:

  • On Success : Gets executed when the Mitek Tiden ID service call is successful and complete
  • On Failure : Gets executed upon failure of Mitek Tiden ID service call
  • On Confirm Details : Run this rule once you confirm the details and fill the form fields. It's useful to close modal dialog for example.
  • On Max Attempts : This rule is triggered when we reach the threshold.


Property Category Description Type Default
Disable Edit Details Prompt Options

Checking this option would apply captured details immediately to the mapped fields within the form. It will disable the applicant option to review and edit the captured details from Mitek.Tiden.

boolean false
Document Verification Options

By turning on this flag, a document verification service will be performed with data prefill. Otherwise, will just perform data prefill service.

boolean false
Document Verification and Selfie Options

Preform data prefill with document verification and selfie.

boolean false
Mitek Dialog ID Configuration

The ID of the Mitek dialog.

text mitekDialog
No Barcode Validation Options

No validation of barcode on the back image.

boolean false
Response Standard Fields Mapping Configuration

Map the response fields to the form fields

Field Refs:

  • givenNames : Given Names
  • lastName : Last Name
  • fullName : Full Name
  • dateOfBirth : Date of Birth (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • addressLine1 : Address Line 1
  • addressLine2 : Address Line 2
  • addressLine3 : Address Line 3
  • addressLine4 : Address Line 4
  • fullAddress : Full Address
  • country : Country
  • countryCode : Country Code
  • stateProvince : State Province
  • postalCode : Postal Code
  • dateOfExpiry : Expiration Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • dateOfIssue : Issue Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • documentNumber : Document Number
  • city : Suburb/City
Response Dynamic Fields Mapping Configuration

Map the response dynamic properties value to the form fields. The key must match response dynamic properties JSON name.

Role Identifier Options

Optionally specify a Role Identifier if more than one individual is being verified in a single transaction - typical example is Applicant1 and Applicant2

e.g. Applicant1 / Applicant2

Visible On Mobile Only Options

Show this component only on mobile device and tablet.

boolean false
SvgImageToSrc Library: exchange.mitek.tiden Category: Mitek Tiden

This widget display SVG image and if the flag toSrc is set, the HTML tag will be replaced in runtime with the SVG src content.

Used In


Property Category Description Type Default
Select Image SvgImageToSrc

Select from the available images resources, or upload a new one

image {fileName=, width=, height=}
Alternative Text SvgImageToSrc

Type an alternative text for informative images, leave blank for decorative images.

Tooltip Text SvgImageToSrc

This text will be added to the title attribute of the image.

Replace svg tag with svg src. SvgImageToSrc

Replace svg image tag with src so it allows dynamic updates (colour change). Set this to false for better loading.

boolean true
Image Link URL SvgImageToSrc

This url will be added as an anchor tag around the image. It will open a new tab.

Workflow Progress Library: exchange.mitek.tiden Category: Mitek Tiden

Workflow progress bar.

Used In

Rule Templates

You may add your own logic to handle the following rule types triggered by this component:

  • On Load : a script to run on widget load


Property Category Description Type Default
Progress Label Workflow Progress

The progress label

Tile Active Colour Workflow Progress

The tile active colour

text #FE6405
Tile Colour Workflow Progress

The tile colour

text rgba(254,100,5,0.3)
Number Of Tiles Workflow Progress

Set number of tiles

integer 5
Number Of Active Tiles Workflow Progress

Set number of active tiles

integer 0

Shared Styles

  • document-dialog-button Library: exchange.mitek.tiden
  • Mitek Dialog Library: exchange.mitek.tiden
  • Mitek Error Message Library: exchange.mitek.tiden
  • Mitek Error Message Icon Library: exchange.mitek.tiden
  • Mitek Icon Font Style Library: exchange.mitek.tiden
  • Mitek Information Was Captured Library: exchange.mitek.tiden
  • Mitek Picture Instructions Label Library: exchange.mitek.tiden
  • Mitek Picture Processing States Library: exchange.mitek.tiden
  • Mitek SDK Error Message Library: exchange.mitek.tiden
  • Mitek Something Went Wrong Library: exchange.mitek.tiden
  • Mitek Success Fields Library: exchange.mitek.tiden
  • Mitek Tiden Button Library: exchange.mitek.tiden
  • Mitek Tiden Documents Library: exchange.mitek.tiden
  • Mitek Tiden Documents Style Library: exchange.mitek.tiden
  • Mitek Tiden Id Styles Library: exchange.mitek.tiden
  • mitekPictureInstructions Library: exchange.mitek.tiden
  • success-tick-image Library: exchange.mitek.tiden


Mitek Tiden - ID v3
Provides Mitek TIDEN data prefill and document verification services.

Service Connection


Module Compatibility
Manager 5.1.4

Service Parameters

Name Description Required Default
recordResponse Record response text as submission properties. No false
enableHttpAudit With HTTP auditing enabled, details about each HTTP request (including request and response data) are stored in a submission property as a JSON array against the relevant transaction. No false
httpAuditPropertyName Specify the name of the HTTP audit submission property to receive the audit information. No httpAudit
maxAttemptNumber Max number of attempts that allowed to call Mitek Tiden ID service in a single session for each applicant. -1 means no limit. Yes 3
saveIdImages With this flag enabled, the captured images processed by Mitek local SDK are stored as file attachments for each applicant against the relevant transaction. No false


Name Description Required
roleKey Optionally provide a role key to support multiple identity sessions in a single transaction. A typical example would be Applicant1 and Applicant2. No
frontImage A base64 photo of the id document front side. Yes
backImage A base64 photo of the id document back side with the barcode. It requires for drivers license document. Yes
selfieImage A base64 selfie photo taken from mobile on client side No
docVerifyFlag Perform document verification with data prefill if it's true, otherwise, will only perform data prefill. No
frontImageOnly Only Front Image. No


Name Description
attemptsLeft The number of attempts left for calling this service in the same session (Only available when maxAttemptNumber is configured on server). If this value returns as 0, the server will reject any additional requests and give it a DATA_ERROR with errorCode: EXCEEDED_NUMBER_OF_ATTEMPTS.

Please also note that the attempts number counts separately for each applicant and for each applicant, the attempts number gets added for all Mitek TIDEN services.

attemptsUsed The number of attempts already used for calling this service in the same session (Only available when maxAttemptNumber is configured on server). Counting rule is the same as attemptsLeft.
executionStatus The status of the service execution [ SUCCESS | DATA_ERROR | SYSTEM_ERROR ].

Successful execution will be denoted by a SUCCESS value. DATA_ERROR will indicate that there was an issue identified with the input data that may be resolved and potentially retried by the user. SYSTEM_ERROR indicates that there was an unrecoverable system fault and the form should fall-back gracefully to an alternative path.

extractedData The customer data extracted from id document photos.


  • givenNames (Might include both first name and middle name)
  • lastName
  • fullName
  • documentNumber
  • dateOfExpiry (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • dateOfBirth (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • dateOfIssue (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • addressLine1
  • addressLine2
  • addressLine3
  • addressLine4
  • fullAddress
  • country
  • countryCode (ISO-3166-1 Alpha 3 country code)
  • stateProvince
  • city
  • postalCode
Please note in extractedData, we also provide any additional dynamic properties from backend such as sex, licenseClass but they are not always present.
frontImage the processing information of front side image.

Includes processingStatus [ Successful | Failed ] and errors information of this image if processed failed.

backImage the processing information of back side image with same structure as frontImage.

errorMessage When a DATA_ERROR is experienced, this value may provide more detail on the nature of the error.
errorCode Error code for some specific error case. Not always available. In this service, EXCEEDED_NUMBER_OF_ATTEMPTS gets returned if current attempt number exceeds maxAttemptNumber defined in the service

Service Connections

The following service connections are used by this package.

Mitek Tiden
Property Name Description Required
Type HTTP Endpoint Yes
Endpoint The Mitek TIDEN Api server endpoint:
  • Test:
  • Production:
No need to provide the context path since this service will add it based on what service to call. Also note TIDEN Identity Server hostname is calculated by replacing "globalidentity." with "identity."
Username Username for Mitek Identity Server Yes
Password Password for Mitek Identity Server Yes