LexisNexis TrueID v1.0

This package provides capabilities that extend the Avoka Transact platform for users wishing to extract data from the front and back photos of the driver's license, using the LexisNexis TrueID service.

To support the autofill capability this package provides the following components:

  1. LexisNexis TrueID

    This Maestro component allows to extract driver's license data from the front and back photos, by calling the LexisNexis TrueID web service. The component's properties allow mapping data from the calls to LexisNexis into Form fields.


Clients must ensure they are appropriately licenses in order to use this package. Organisations who wish to use this package are required to establish a commercial relationship with LexisNexis directly.


This package has the following compatibility requirements:

Transact Manager5.0.3 or above
Transact Maestro5.0.14 or above

Installation Instructions

To install this package please walk through the following proceedure:

  1. Unzip the package to a directory on your computer
  2. Import each zip archive found in the services folder to Transact Manager under the Services >> All Services menu item.
  3. Review the Help Doc tab for each of the imported services and make any required adjustments to service parameters.
  4. Configure any required Service Connections. These requirements can be found at the bottom of this document or in the Help Doc for each of the imported services.

    Service Connections can be configured in Transact Manager under the Services >> Service Connections menu item.

  5. Import each archive found in the libraries folder to Maestro.

    Importing these into the Organisation level libraries folder is recommended as this will make the components available to all projects, however they can be imported at the Project level if required.

Usage Instructions

To configure this component please walk through the following procedure:

  1. Open your form in Maestro and drag and drop the LexisNexis TrueID component from the LexisNexis Category in the Palette.
  2. On the Properties tab of the LexisNexis TrueID component under the Configuration section, map the response data fields to form fields. For example First Name could be mapped to field path data.firstName.

Maestro Assets

Lexis Nexis TrueID Library: exchange.lexisnexis.trueid Category: LexisNexis TrueID

Provides form fill from US federal and state issued ID cards and driver's licenses using the LexisNexis TrueID service.

Service Calls


Property Category Description Type Default
Response Field Mapping Configuration

Map the response fields to the form fields

Field Refs:

  • documentName : Document Name
  • docIssuerCode : Doc Issuer Code
  • docIssuerName : Doc Issuer Name
  • docClassCode : Doc Class Code
  • documentNumber : Document Number
  • address : Address
  • addressLine1 : Address Line 1
  • addressLine2 : Address Line 2
  • city : City
  • state : State
  • postalCode : Postal Code
  • givenName : Given Name
  • surname : Surname
  • dob : Date of Birth
  • gender : Gender
  • fullName : Full Name
  • middleName : Middle Name
  • licenseClass : License Class
  • issueDate : Issue Date
  • expirationDate : Expiration Date

Shared Styles

  • LexisNexis TrueID Block Shading Library: exchange.lexisnexis.trueid


LexisNexis - TrueID
LexisNexis TrueID call to retrieve identifying information about a consumer.

Service Connection


Module Compatibility
Manager 5.0.3


Name Description Required
frontImage The image of the front of the card as base64 parameter. No
backImage The image of the back of the card as base64 parameter. No
frontAttachmentKey The front image attachment key. This key was received after the image was uploaded. This key parameter is mandatory if the frontImage parameter wasn't used. No
backAttachmentKey The back image attachment key. This key was received after the image was uploaded. This key parameter is mandatory if the backImage parameter wasn't used. No


Name Description
Personal Details:
  • fullName
  • givenName
  • surname
  • middleName
  • dob (Date of birth)
  • gender
Personal details of the driver.

Date of birth is provided in Avoka standard format (yyyy-MM-dd) E.g. 1989-03-16.
Gender is provided as M/F

Address Details:
  • address
  • addressLine1
  • addressLine2
  • city
  • state
  • postalCode
The driver address details

The address field is the full unparsed address found on ID card
State is provided in short format (e.g. CA, AZ, MA).

Document details:
  • documentName
  • docIssuerCode
  • docIssuerName
  • docClassCode
  • documentNumber
  • licenseClass
  • issueDate
  • expirationDate
The driver's license details.

The name of the document would be for example Montana Identification Card
The docIssuerCode is the document issuer code, for example MT
The docIssuerName is the document issuer name, for example Montana
The docClassCode is the document classification DriversLicense
Issue date and expiration date are provided in Avoka standard format (yyyy-MM-dd) E.g. 2018-04-16.

executionStatus The status of the service execution [ SUCCESS | DATA_ERROR | SYSTEM_ERROR ].

Successful execution will be denoted by a SUCCESS value. DATA_ERROR will indicate that there was an issue identified with the input data that may be resolved and potentially retried by the user. SYSTEM_ERROR indicates that there was an unrecoverable system fault and the form should fall-back gracefully to an alternative path.

errorMessage When a DATA_ERROR is experienced, this value may provide more detail on the nature of the error.

Service Connections

The following service connections are used by this package.

LexisNexis - TrueID
Property Name Description Required
Type HTTP Endpoint Yes
Endpoint Must point to the LexisNexis TrueID endpoint. For example


Username The username to access LexisNexis TrueID API. Yes
Password The password to access LexisNexis TrueID API. Yes