InfiniteLoop RegCheck v1.0

This provides a lookup service for vehicle information (make, model, engine and transmission, sample photo, VIN etc...) based on a registration plate number.

Support is provided for the following countries:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • USA
  • UK

Additional countries may be added upon request. See the provider page for Supported Coutries.


API calls are charged on a transactional basis. Organisations who wish to use this package are required to establish a commercial relationship with the 3rd party directly. A simple web sign-up process is provided:


This package has the following compatibility requirements:

Transact Manager5.0 or above
Transact Maestro5.0.14 or above

Installation Instructions

To install this package please walk through the following proceedure:

  1. Unzip the package to a directory on your computer
  2. Import each zip archive found in the services folder to Transact Manager under the Services >> All Services menu item.
  3. Review the Help Doc tab for each of the imported services and make any required adjustments to service parameters.
  4. Configure any required Service Connections. These requirements can be found at the bottom of this document or in the Help Doc for each of the imported services.

    Service Connections can be configured in Transact Manager under the Services >> Service Connections menu item.

  5. Import each archive found in the libraries folder to Maestro.

    Importing these into the Organisation level libraries folder is recommended as this will make the components available to all projects, however they can be imported at the Project level if required.

Usage Instructions

  1. Ensure a Service Connection "InfiniteLoop RegCheck" exists and configured along with your credentials
  2. Add the Reg Check Button to your form.
  3. Select the RegCheck button and navigate to the Button's Properites pane.
  4. Configure the Input and Output field mappings against your chosen form fields.

Release Notes

Version 1.0 Jun 19, 2017

  • Baseline release.

Maestro Assets

Reg Check Button Library: exchange.infiniteloop.regcheck Category: Registration Check

Provides vehicle details lookup based on country and registration plate number

Service Calls

Rule Templates

You may add your own logic to handle the following rule types triggered by this component:

  • On Success : a script to run on success of the dynamic data call, the parameter info contains the response
  • On Failure : a script to run on failure of the dynamic data call, the parameter info contains the response


InfiniteLoop - RegCheck v1
Perform Form Dynamic Data service call. returns: REST response text data

Service Connection


Name Description Required
rcCountry ISO Two character country code, currently supporting AU, NZ, UK, US ( ) Yes
rcState for Australia and USA only Yes
rcPlate Registration plate number for vehicle Yes


Name Description
rcFullDescription A string representing a description of the vehicle (e.g. TOYOTA Landcruiser 4D Wagon PRADO GRANDE VX (4x4))
rcRegistrationYear Year the vehicle was first registered (e.g. 1996)
rcAssembly Country of manufacture
rvVin Vehicle Identification Number
rcMake Vehicle make (e.g. TOYOTA)
rcModel Vehicle model (e.g. Landcruiser 4D Wagon
rcColour Vehicle colour (if available)
rcEngine Engine capacity or specification (e.g. 3.4 litre, V6, VZJ95R)
rcImageUrl A URL to a sample image of the vehicle type
rcNvic National Vehicle Identification Code (Australia only) (e.g. 1TR)
rcDriveType Vehicle body/transmission (e.g. 4D WAGON)
rcFamily Vehicle family (e.g. LANDCRUISER)
rcVariant Vehicle variant (e.g. PRADO GRANDE VX (4x4))
rcFuelType Fuel specification
rcCapacityValue Engine capacity (e.g. 3.4)
rcSeries Vehicle series (e.g. VZJ95R)
rcBodyType Body description (e.g. Prado Grande Vx (4X4) 4-Speed Auto (4X4))
rcCylinders Engine configuration (e.g. V6)
rcCapacityUnit Unit of measurement (e.g. L)
rcTransmissionType Vehicle transmission type (e.g. Auto)
executionStatus The status of the service execution [ SUCCESS | DATA_ERROR | SYSTEM_ERROR ].

Successful execution will be denoted by a SUCCESS value. Note: RegCheck returns 500 server error on 'plate not found' or omitted input data DATA_ERROR indicates that input data did not locate any regisistration data. SYSTEM_ERROR indicates that there was an unrecoverable system fault and the form should fall-back gracefully to an alternative path.

errorMessage When a DATA_ERROR is experienced, this value may provide more detail on the nature of the error.

Service Connections

The following service connections are used by this package.

InfiniteLoop RegCheck
Property Name Description Required
Type HTTP Endpoint Yes
Endpoint Must point to the Infinite Loop base endpoint
Username The user name linked to your account with CarRegistrationAPI Yes