Journey Manager SDK Maven Plugin

The Journey Manager (JM) SDK Maven plugin provides goals and lifecycles to build and deploy JM applications via the Maven command line.


The plugin provides several goals, categorized as app, svc, scm, archive, and vo. These goals aim to provide functionality supporting Journey Manager platform development. To learn more about goals, see Plugin Documentation.


Sometimes, a specific task can't be achieved by running a single goal, or you may have dependencies between goals. Two new lifecycles have been introduced to support scenarios such as these. While developers can run goals in a specific order to achieve the required task, lifecycles offer a less error-prone approach and avoid the need to remember the specific order in which goals need to run.

Maven has three built-in build lifecycles: default, clean and site. This plugin adds two new customized lifecycles: app and svc. Similar to Maven's built-in lifecycles, running a phase in these new lifecycles causes the preceding phases to run which in turn runs the preceding goals. To learn more about lifecycles, see Build Lifecycles.


We've prepared usage examples for all supported goals and phases. For details, see Usage Examples.

In general, this plugin follows conventional Maven usage.

  • To run a goal:

    mvn plugin-name:goal-name

  • To run a phase:

    mvn phase-name