Class JobAction


public class JobAction extends Object
Provide a Job Action value object class.
  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • JobAction

      public JobAction()
    • JobAction

      public JobAction(com.avoka.fc.core.entity.JobAction jobAction)
      Create a Job Action value object with the given job action entity parameter.
      jobAction - the job action entity parameter (required)
    • JobAction

      public JobAction(Map fields)
      Create a unit testing JobAction value object with the given fields.
      fields - the job action entity fields (required)
  • Method Details

    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
      a string representation of the object.
    • getId

      public Long getId()
      The job action record (PK).
    • getJobActionKey

      public String getJobActionKey()
      The job action key.
    • getName

      public String getName()
      The job action name.
    • getType

      public String getType()
      The job action type.
    • getStatus

      public String getStatus()
      The job action status.
    • getActionAttempts

      public Integer getActionAttempts()
      The job action attempts.
    • getActionMaxAttempts

      public Integer getActionMaxAttempts()
      The job action maximum attempts.
    • getActionMessage

      public String getActionMessage()
      The job action message.
    • getRouteResult

      public String getRouteResult()
      The job action route result.
    • getExternalReferenceNumber

      public String getExternalReferenceNumber()
      The job action external reference number.
    • getSequence

      public Integer getSequence()
      The job action sequence.
    • getAssignRepeatIndex

      public Integer getAssignRepeatIndex()
      The assign repeat index.
    • getAssignRepeatItem

      public String getAssignRepeatItem()
      The assign repeat item.
    • getActionServiceId

      public Long getActionServiceId()
      The job action service definition id (PK).
    • getTxnId

      public Long getTxnId()
      The action transaction id (PK).
    • getTimeCreated

      public Date getTimeCreated()
      The time the job action was created.
    • getTimeActionExecuted

      public Date getTimeActionExecuted()
      The time action was last executed.
    • getTimeActionNextAttempt

      public Date getTimeActionNextAttempt()
      The time action should next be attempted.
    • getTimeFinished

      public Date getTimeFinished()
      The time the job action was finished.