Provides Utility function classes.
  • Class
    Provides design by contract programming validation functions.
    Provides a transaction delivery process result value object.
    Provides a transaction delivery process result DeliveryResult builder.
    Provides a Log factory class which creates concrete log query objects based on the given log type.
    Provides a Logger class for logging information during the execution of Groovy scripts.
    Provides an in memory cache for high frequency read only access values.
    This class provides XML Document to Object mapping support.
    Naming convention mapping strategy enumeration.
    Thrown to indicate that a object was not found for given parameters
    Provides an object path navigation class to return the value for the given expression.
    Provides an redirect exception which can be used to redirect the user to another location.
    Provides search hash utils for submission property and data extract values.
    Provides transaction security functions.
    Provides space utils for fluent API classes.
    Provides Thread functions.
    Provides a transaction form and PDF receipt URL builder class.
    Provides a Apache Velocity templating class.
    Provides XML Document class for use in Groovy scripts.